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How to Become a Vendor at The Dessert Collective

The Dessert Collective isn't just a shop, it's a platform for local dessert artisans to shine. Join our supportive network, gain access to our passionate customer base, and elevate your handcrafted treats to new heights. We offer valuable feedback, marketing reach, and community connections to help you thrive. Together, let's make Utah County a sweeter place, bite by delicious bite!


Fill out Vendor Form Below

We are excited to hear about your amazing product and journey! Let us know what you have learned so far about your food, consumer behavior, finances, and operations.


Respond to Questions/Feedback

Based upon feedback from our quality committee and our experience with our consumers we will highlight questions with financial viability, sustainable operations, product portfolio, and/or consumer behaviors. We will reach out to set up a time to address the areas and collaboratively make a plan. 


Provide 5 Samples

Once we process your inquiry we will schedule a time for you to bring in samples on a Saturday. Our quality committee will assess taste, texture, appearance, and cost. The individuals providing feedback represent different Utah County consumer segments.


Monthly Menu Launch

Once the plan steps have been accomplished then we look to launch in one of our monthly releases. A few things are necessary to make sure the launch goes well, including well documented serving instructions for our dessert artists, a sustainable and fresh delivery schedule, and a marketing awareness strategy. 





  • Foodie: The quality of the dessert is the main driver; experience has a small influence.

  • Natural: The quality of the dessert is primary value, experience is also important, cost is of little concern.

  • Fashionable: The experience is the primary value, quality is also important, cost is of little concern.

  • Maximizer: The cost of the dessert for the quality is the main driver.

  • Familiar: The cost is the main driver, quality is important, the experience is of little concern.

  • Deal Seeker: The cost of the dessert is the only driver.

Thank you for contacting us!

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